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Deafblind Awareness week 24-30th June 2019

Deafblind Awareness week 24-30th June 2019

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This week, Deafblind UK are promoting Deafblind Awareness. Deafblindness is 'the loss of sight and hearing to the point where your communication, mobility and ability to access information are impacted', both where this happens gradually over time or for individuals born with these impairments. Even though there are nearly 400,000 deafblind people in the UK, the condition is not very prominent in public consciousness. However, knowing the signs of deafblindness helps individuals get early, tailored support. For example, deafblindness qualifies as an 'eligible need' under the Care Act, so deafblind individuals are entitled to certain care assessments.

If you want to understand more about deafblindness and the types of support available, please visit