Carers Lead Training (FE and HE)
Manager : Ruth Stanforth
Manager : Naomi Sykes
Manager : Rachel Walker

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Welcome to the Carers Lead Training

This course is designed for Carers Leads in FE and HE settings to provide a more indepth awareness of the issues Young Adult Carers face in education and help colleges develop systems to improves student carer achievement, retention and progression. 

Young Adult Carers provide support to a family member or close friend who has a disability, chronic illness, mental health or drug/alcohol issues. This may be a parent, grandparent, sibling or partner/friend. Many Young Adult Carers care for more than one person and may also have their own health issues.

This course has 8 sections. At the top and bottom right of each page there is a direction arrow which you click to take you to the next page. Alternatively you can use the site navigation bar at the left of the page..

There is a short assignment to complete and submit to your assessor at the end of each section. You will need to click the document to download it, then upload the completed document for submission.

City and Guilds Level 2 Award in Independent Advocacy Unit - 201
Manager : Andy Perrey
Manager : Ruth Stanforth

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The Level 2 Award in Independent Advocacy is a recognised qualification awarded by City and Guilds.


This unit aims to provide learners with an understanding of what independent advocacy is and the principles which underpin good practice. Additionally it covers the different models of independent advocacy, the role of an independent advocate and what an independent advocate needs, including communication skills. There is also a focus on equality and how to support inclusion.


There are four learning outcomes to this unit. The learner will be able to:

1.      Understand the principles of Independent Advocacy

2.      Understand the role of the Independent Advocate

3.      Understand the relevant communication methods used in Independent Advocacy

4.      Understand issues surrounding equality and inclusion